Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lucky me.

We had lunch with Carol Reid Gaillard and her husband Jean Francois today and the garden is simply a masterpiece. Evey kind of vegetables one can dream of growing all year round, 53 different species of tomatoes surrounded by the most beautiful landscape greener than green... but since Carol has her own blog and will in her own time reveal more of it , all I can show is...

the chickens.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Antonio Marras and his wife Patrizia, head of Kenzo, in their showroom in Milano.
It was Patrizia's birthday...
Joyfull, casual, charming...
Facing West, in the evening.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Although impossible to rival, you were still expected to follow Her example but of course you could only fail. No matter how much praying you did, you were never going to be a virgin and a mother. She was the only decent, unsullied woman for that celibate crowns of priests who decided whether you were eligible for heaven or not."

Extract from Carol Reid Gaillard's book "Virgin"

I introduced her blog lately, now there is more.

Her photographs and text are really marvelous.

One of the pleasures of living on farm land.
In the News stand in May. ELLE DECOR ITALIA.

The house of Christian Louboutin in Egypt.

My fellow bloggers will know this story, so this is no news to you but this post is more about the lay-out than the story itself. 10 full pages of photography is seldom seen in decoration magazine. ELLE DECOR Italia obviously respects, enhances photography. May they be thanked and followed.
Back home. Flowers in a vase.