Friday, October 20, 2006

we are a mexican magazine not even paying mexican rates !!!

THIS IS A MAIL I RECEIVED FROM THE EDITOR AND OWNER OF A MEXICAN MAGAZINE WHO IS ALSO A MEMBER OF ONE OF THE WEALTHIEST FAMILY IN MEXICO. Dear Ivan, The world is decidely very small. I' ve first contacted P***l L*** who says she knows the S*** d'*** whom appartment will appear in same issue, then you, who knows Barbara! Your photographs of P*** L*** flat are fantastic. As you know, we are a mexican magazine not even paying mexican rates (It is a very high profile mag for photographers due to the quality) for material that is ours thereafter. In this case we would just buy the right to publish it once. Therefore, our budget would allow to pay as much as 100 pounds for the shooting of P*** L*** flat with all the photographs showed on the website you provided me. Should it be convenient to you, let me know asap as my husband is currently in London but leaving tomorrow and he can give you a cheque in Sterling which would be the most convenient thing for you. Lovely to have met you through the net and hoping to meeting you one day face to face D*** L***

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