Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is how it goes, from the garden to the dark room : Step 1: butternut pumpkins grow in the garden. step 2 : The ripe ones are stored in the kitchen. Claire put them there waiting to be cooked, not in a messy way. As I'm having my morning tea, I can't help noticing that it looks rather beautiful, grab the camera... It can also look like this ( no styling of any kind, the truth, nothing but the truth ) : Lets get to work. Colour or black & white ? Black & white... Closer or larger ? In the end, there are two options : a larger version showing some of the background and a closer version, somehow more graphic. This slight change of frame makes a world of difference. You must click on the photo for a better look.


António Erre said...

Very beautiful interiors and photos. I have posted too about gardening because of a new born beauty but my photos don't compare to yours.

little augury said... is.

Irina said...

love the three pumpkins with the vase, the colors and composition are wonderful.

Helen James said...

I am visiting you're beautiful blog after reading the interview on Little Augury. I love these images The colour image is arresting but then oh the black and white ....the light and then the last !!! I love the series and how you show us the different frames, the final image has an ambiguity to it they look almost like stone or carved marble?