Saturday, November 14, 2009


António Erre said...

These interiors are magical. Beautiful. I remember saw the leg with the ribbon in a much yellow interior Paris apartment in WoI.;-)
PS Nice photos of YSL chateau last issue.

little augury said...

These images are paired so magically. It is so pleasing to look at and edited space-why can't my own spaces(even just a corner be so?) Were are these? So glad they are now all in one place where they belong. GT


top: Paris apartment of friends.
2: an art work at Victoire Poliakoff / Painting, table and pots by myself in the guest bedroom at home.
3. The parisian flat of couturier Josephus Thimister / a corner in my house.
4. The overflowed river near home, Plaster leg at Ramuntcho de Saint Amand's home, my first assignment for WOI ages ago ( Antonio, your encyclopedic knowledge amazes me.)
5. Coat by Josephus Thimister / a detail at home.

studioJudith said...

Ivan .. .
The images are glorious -
but it is the juxtapositions that lend the absolute note of perfection.
I am, once again, enriched by visiting your world.


laurence said...

Les notes sont somptueuses et l'univers étincellant... merci à votre regard