Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wishing You All a Decade of Love, Peace of Mind and Warm Air. Ivan


studioJudith said...

A Decade !

yes, yes ... .much better than
a mere year.

Thanks for sharing your magical
perspective with us this year on your beautiful blog -


david john said...

happy 2010 ivan!

spent the christmas holiday looking at your latest book. so amazing...

thanks for sharing.

all the best,
david john

António Erre said...

good 2010 entries Ivan!

Irina said...

happy New Year to you and your loved ones!!

ed said...

Hi Ivan, happy new year!
he looks like keith richards high on mescaline in the mojave desert but he definitely must be warm ah ah ah!!!

little augury said...

Cheers to a decade of love!