Monday, March 29, 2010

David John from YHBHS has been appointed guest curator of the LACE ( Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) benefit art auction 2010 and asked me to join his clump of artists. It is his prerogative to unveil his choice so all I can show from the piece I'm donating is in this parcel ready to fly to LA. John tells you all Here


TG said...

quel ange!

little augury said...

You are at the top of the clump certainly! pgt

david john said...

Ivan, thank you so kindly for donating to LACE. I'm so honored and overjoyed our paths have crossed!
Love the wings on that parcel too!

All the best,
David John

le style et la matière said...

You keep us in suspense. I'm sure you stand out of any clump!