Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Louis Vuitton Factory in Asnieres... where and how a LV bag is actually made when it is not a copy.



Personally, I'd rather be dead than be seen with a Louis Vuitton bag. It is to me the very essence of utter vulgarity. Hermes, eventually, if it doesn't show (off) or Goyard.

little augury said...

Ivan, Oh, but that may be all the poor soul has. I just purchased some good sturdy equestrian garment bags-very low chic. You would approve. I will say the first image is quite good- you go something there-very iconic Icons, LV and a crucifix. Speaks volumes of society.

studioJudith said...

There was a time when there was a bit of LV flying around my life. It was the 80's and men seemed to want to impress by tossing these pieces at impressionable young girls. I admit to traveling with a couple of these for many years. Now they sit stacked,
well worn & quite tattered.
Fascinating to see your images -
quite wonderful .

The Concrete Commentator said...

Read the book "Deluxe" Its a great read and talks about the companies behind the mainstream luxury brands such as LV, Prada, Hermes, etc. The author also spent time here at LV factory, and writes about the behind the scenes along with the large companies power it has over the consumers who buy into the product. It's a fascinating read!


Thank you CC. I wonder why I posted these photos. It really isn't my world at all. Recently I saw somewhere a picture of a complete set of LV bags photographed at the bottom of some hotel stairs in Europe, thought the proud owner might want to know where they were made. Originally I shot that story for the Japanese Vogue. They're keen on that sort of thing.

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