Friday, July 09, 2010

The house of Jean Cocteau and Edouard Dermit, turned into a museum, reopened to the public a couple of weeks ago after several years of restoration. Cocteau's Hermes brief case.


by land by air by sea said...

all heartstrings have been plucked
by these
and the following posts.
from cocteau whom i adore
to the news of your
friend's daughter
in all its sorrows and beauties
yes what more
what more


david john said...

i need to make a trip!

little augury said...

but, these are the details-the things that tell all.

Daniel-Halifax said...

Oh my!

Daniel-Halifax said...
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Laurent said...

When we needed l'enfant térrible, Agonistically: when he had to be there, even after Radiguet, pendant Pétain: he gave us himself. God damn, I love that man.

That was courage. And I beg your pardon for the interruption of a delectation this does not enhance. I never saw a man who owed less, on the other hand, to our favourite sellier, whose wallet I empty whenever I can.

Les baises, Maître.