Thursday, July 15, 2010

The wave.


Carter Nicholas said...

Time of day, angle of view, and depth of focus discovered in the first wave an architecture of its own and the paradox of a rootedness which we know to be true but cannot demonstrate. An extraordinary and gorgeous image to contemplate.

david john said...

ivan these are exquisite!

Elisabethbaysset said...

Je viens de regarder "Portraits of interiors"
et toutes ces pages sont sublimes !!!


Wolynski said...


Wolynski said...

All this is with film?

Thank you for your wise comments - you are a true inspiration. I looked through your portraits - remarkable.

I used to be a professional photographer, then I became a comic. Digital got me back into photography - so simple. You got me thinking about the storage issue.

But won't film disappear entirely?

I need a telephoto. I've been trying to get into the soul of poker players. Although I have credentials to come up closer, my presence would be disturbing - it's $9 million they're playing for.