Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My beach pals, Marco and his friends Giulio, Marco, Max, Nico, Luca, Aran, Gabriele, skiers in  winter, surfers in summer. Italian, dashing, bigger than life, cooler than cool. This picture of Marco taken by Luca.


little augury said...

What I should have said over there yesterday-the author led me astray. Heaven and heavenly. It works almost-everywhere.

david john said...

um, sign me up please.

Laurent said...

The 6th panel seems especially unmistakably the work of this artist. Even in imitation I do not think anyone would have had the nerve to aggregate these elements in this way, much less in these proportions.

One's put in mind of Mark Doty's aperçu in his poem on Advent Windows, "There is no single location of miracle." That's all to be expected; but there is not supposed to be more than one miracle per location.

That's not fair, sir.

victoria thorne said...

It isn't fair, but it is so. More miracles than we can count. Not complaining, here, just happily stunned. And humbly honored to join the chorus above.

by land by air by sea said...

" i wish they all could be

california boys..."

( sorry brian wilson )