Tuesday, October 05, 2010

On the news stand in October (2) ELLE DECOR ITALIA. Nathalie Pasqua, Paris Italian ELLE DECOR is one of my favorite design magazine for it's content and bellissima clean cut lay-out. It just feels so good to be working for talented people. If you can find it in the US, I urge you to buy it.


by land by air by sea said...

may i please have those union jack stilettos to add to my 5'11" frame?

and where does that little secret door go to i wonder

and the chair that looks like a music stand, and the polaroids...


little augury said...

It is a wonderful place-the art especially intrigues, but it really is your lens that makes it so-wonderful. Scanning for the detail that sets your photographs apart must be an exhilarating quest. pgt