Saturday, November 06, 2010

I had been to Cadaques once in the past. It was during the summer of 1993, not long after meeting Claire. Broke as usual, we drove down in her little black car with our sleeping bags and slept on the beach, which of course is forbidden. Claire looked like a Horst model and I like a skinny mariner with a black eye, Rolleiflex and sketchbook at hand. Now that I look at these photographs again, I see how well the negatives have aged and by their smooth and velvety grain, simply kill the ones taken last week.


victoria thorne said...

breathtaking, sir; simply breathtaking

(i think last week and 1993 are compliments, one echoing shimmers in the other we might have missed had we not seen both. foils, yes? perfect. a set. meant to be together.)

Carter said...

I don't care what you say about books, this wants to be a book. All right, then 'in' a book; but published as pages, nevertheless.

Christopher Andrews said...

Gorgeous is a word I over-use, but I always mean it and I mean it here as well. Gorgeous.

by land by air by sea said...

opening the computer- i saw something was quite different.

"we were broke" ...when all good work seems to take place.

and film in a box is and was different

as was time, and waiting,
and not having photoshop or any sort of "correction."

freedom and respose... some of the things we now sacrifice

along with not understanding that

music and imagery, are being

made "perfect"

so the eye

and the ear, yes, now it changes.

i agree, 1993 was beautiful

for so many reasons.

thank you, for this little love

poem today...



Yes Beth, It is all different now because we take for granted that photography is instantaneous and cheap. In some ways this means freedom but the cost is that the result has lost a great deal in quality. We have been raised with wool when synthetic would never do and now as synthetic rules, we've given up on wool. Negatives or digital is not the problem, it's giving up the true issue.

Claude said...

Superbes photos !

little augury said...

IT,the photographs -yes have carried magic-evident in the pages here. dare I say Laritgue was on your shoulder that day . Of course a favorite thing you do is to pair the photographs with your sketches. the two are rarely seen now days in equal strength. pgt

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most beautiful posts on a blog I have ever seen.
X David, NYC


Gaye, Lartigue ? well, Yes on my shoulder. He was lucky to have lived in such a photogenic time...One thing we do have in common, he never considered himself a professional.

David, Thank you. I'm lost for words but delighted to make your acquaintance.
What a gifted artist you are.

Valéry Lorenzo said...

Comme si nous y étions !
J'ai pensé à Lartigue aussi, pour l'image du bonheur donné en partage.
J'adore !

PP. said...

j'adore le style "corto" avec la casquette! nice!

Laurent said...

The ascension of the synthetic is an epidemic, of course, but to confine it merely to digital desecrations of unambiguous pricelessness, we would have to add 2 to rank with the extinguishment of film.

The first, even the young now mourn, and that is the eclipse of analogue recording technology and the LP vinyl disc, along with its corollary, the triumph of the field effect transistor over the vacuum tube. No one with the slightest ear at all, is not rendered frantic by the digital acoustic's wanton superficiality; but now, a Stanford University study shows that the ultimately faithless format, mp3, strikes the present generation as higher in fidelity than its underlying, morbid CD.

The second and most symptomatically obvious horror of the digital world is the eradication of the library on the pretext of preserving it. Blogging and contemporary "journalism" exhibit the superficiality and lassitude of the Google disaster as well as anything, but its corruption of the scholarly experience of the young is what is most despicable. Instead of gainful hours of a sore butt on the floor of library stacks, our fashion for downloading an untested fragment of populist ephemerality at the top of a Google search is simply eradicating respect for information as well as judgment.

To each his own mediocrity, might as well be the signature of our digital desolation. Yes, your Rollei negatives are voluptuous and deep; yes, your platinum prints are impeccable and enthralling. Show the young, Ivan. Show them.

edouard said...

very special.
he is right, should become a beautiful book to treasure.
ivan thank you for sharing your special talent with us.
this is what the internet is good for!