Monday, January 17, 2011

A letter from Valery Lorenzo is like the fireworks on a 14 Juillet. Oooohhhh !!!!! Aaaahhhh !!!! All his talents in photography, in drawing, in spirit combined in one letter. Beth and Valery have revived the art of mail like no other. Less e mail, more mail !


Laurent said...

More Valéry in everyone's boat!

Valéry Lorenzo said...

Oh la la la la, c'est trop trop sympa !!!
(J'aime beaucoup l'association...)
Comme dirait Beth : "Slow mail is better than no mail ..."
A bientôt, ici ou ailleurs.


Tu auras noté que le timbre est intact. Il y a des esthetes chez les postiers et on les salue.

Terresa said...

I agree, Valery is amazing, I've only recently discovered his blog, his work is wonderful. (and through him, found this blog!!)