Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poland, a few years before the fall of the iron curton. Warsaw was very dull then, still under the influence of the Soviet Union, but the southern part of the country, near Zalipie, had remained like Europe before WWII, beautiful but alas still strongly anti-semitic which I found profoundly disturbing.


Joe's blog said...

wonderful photography...I can't say which one I like most. It's simply all of them.


Thank you Joe. They do look from another time and in many ways they are.
I've printed them recently at home on an old polish paper which can't be found anymore.
Times have changed for the better in Poland, and for the worse in photography.

Anonymous said...

The 2 central images could come from "Shoah" or "Hotel Terminus," except that they are finer. It must be very hard on the mind, to make such fine images of such resonance. Theoreticians will leap from the woodwork, to denounce this very suggestion; but they should calm down, and look at the images.