Sunday, February 20, 2011


L said...

[wish you hadn't written that; now I'm flummoxed to know what "It" is, and I hadn't been; can't keep from thinking, the more I reason it out, it would have to be "They snow," or "Ils font du neige"].

Voyons: enthralling views of a measured disturbance we associate with benignity. The sheltered deck chair's shelter, the roofline's haven, the branches' absorptiveness, the pot's spun texture acquire emphasis, short of alarm. One must go and look at the world, oneself, one day.

Anonymous said...

J'espère que tu ne t'es pas transformé en ceci :


g. said...

oh, that second photo. those moments, that quiet, then the light that comes, bright... thanks for sharing. enjoy.