Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In the News stand in April, The house of Franca Sozzani in Marrakech. AD Russia Franca Sozzani is the director of Vogue Italy. She is to me the greatest editor in the world today and some sort of a Goddess in my pantheon. The house is beyond the beyond and some may even find it horrid. But this house has nothing to do with decoration or taste or at least bourgeois taste. It is the secret abode of the Empress of Fashion, her dark and intoxicated empire built with shade and veils around her frail silhouette. A kick in the ass of taste. Healthy ! Let me introduce Sophie Djerlal, journalist at Vogue Italy, a great friend and my favorite working partner. AD Russia is the first to publish this feature, my way to thank Eugenia Mikulina, the editor in chief, who is with all her team, such a lovely person to work with.


antonio erre said...

Decoration with a capital D also for Dream.
Nice photos of course.
The house appears in Taschen's "African Interiors" by Deidi von Schaewen with nice photos too.

Bruce Barone said...

Love the last photo!

Little Augury said...

I could not agree more-always has something smart to say and I think she is the best today. I can not wait to see more of this! pgt

Linda Fahey said...

breathtaking pic of the rooms, that house must be amazing and one can only imagine what the woman thinks who created it as she walks it's halls. beautiful and romantic.

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Amelia Wilson said...
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Amelia Wilson said...

Great post! I love your photos and your style. Looking forward to see more from you.

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