Monday, March 07, 2011

My neighbor and friend Carol Reid Gaillard is Irish married to a frenchman. She lives in the Bearn, grows a vegetable garden (2nd best in France !), cooks and looks like a Goddess and now has a blog. Paradise was a garden, remember ?


by land by air by sea said...

i love these
and i love your new"look"

the website is terrific.

lucky neighbour.

chemin faisant said...

Hello Ivan et Claire
I can't resist your neighbour's blog and shall follow it subito presto.Merci.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Ivan
Makes spring come in
kind regards

little augury said...

looks great Ivan. thanks for the apple. pgt

Valéry Lorenzo said...

Salut Messager !
Ce site est vraiment paradisiaque.

Ps: J'aime aussi ce que tu peins, ta patte et ta modestie exemplaire !
J'en profite également pour souffler la bougie qui célèbre une rencontre sincère, une Amitié ancrée...

Et à bientôt

of course !

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