Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tim Mawson, Lake Waramaug, Connecticut


victoria thorne said...

Ivan! Your work with Tim Mawson = One of my favorite books in the universe. I love seeing this! Such great happiness. :)

Thank you for all this Connecticut. It's where my grandparents lived. I miss it. Often.


Thank you Victoria,
Tim died before the internet era, I want to make sure he is well remembered. I loved my days in CT too, the great people I met and swimming in that lake after a hot summer day of work.

Laurent said...

Really cool to think of you in Connecticut.

Michael B. Gordon said...

The Garden Room is one of my all-time favorite gardening books. I eventually visited most of those gardens and they all have had a big influence on my own garden in New Hampshire, Your photographs and illustrations are extraordinary and inspiring. Thanks for this lovely post.

Chemin des Muguets said...

I knew Tim through the ABAA. He was quite a gentleman, so talented, and so very special. Thank you for these visual reminders of his grace.


Michael, coming from a true gardener as yourself, this is a great compliment. Thank you

Marjorie, Oh yes Tim was gentleman, so witty and kind and a bit lazy too... I'm happy to hear you knew him.

by land by air by sea said...

so i have learned something new today

timothy mawson.

perhaps because i was in london then ,
i did not know him or this book?

his face is kind beyond belief, and the photo on the dock

estupendo !



Ah Beth, You have loved Tim and he would have loved you...