Sunday, August 07, 2011

 is photography an attempt
to outlive memory ?


Cat said...

nos ombres nous rappellent qu'on ne se baigne pas deux fois dans le même fleuve et que sur nos berges tout n'est peut être que vanité.

18 Kerut said...

love these images!

Carter said...

"Outlive," I guess you mean, rather than "endure." Great question, probably rhetorical (not wishing an answer). I'd tend to suggest, neither one, because of its consciousness of intervening in appreciation/revision/etc. But it would be generous and pleasant of you to remark on the question. :)


outlive, Laurent, is by far a better word. but for how long is the real issue...especially with digital...does a photograph outlive a memory when the very memory of it is gone?

by land by air by sea said...


is essential to memory.

william maxwell said, "if only one could choose

what to remember and how to remember..."

when we choose what to remember with a photo

is it because that is the memory

we can only bear to live with?