Friday, December 30, 2011

 One's truth


Laurent said...

Yes, well, you have a naughty way, Ivan, of placing quite a lot of other people's truth into a frame of yours, with yours, and here you go again. I see this time and again in your work and someone is bound to remark on this exceedingly aggregating vision of yours, which you seem pretty helpless to control.



Quiet helpless yes I'm afraid and maybe a little redundant too but what can I do? I'm hooked for good.

Kat said...

one's truth
will set one free

Laurent said...

I don't think this is redundant at all. It's your most existential and your best (although not for that reason) picture involving surfing that we've seen so far. And I don't think redundancy is quite the crime where love is concerned that it might be, say, in a single sentence. I don't see how we could maintain a family without it. Cole Porter began the beguine with everything he wrote, and never finished. Who would?

Ivan, you've just entered a new year for the umpteenth time (well, 1/2 umpteenth). Tell us, in North America, lest we make a mistake: dare we continue?

If you're there, I'm in. :)


Surfing has taken a good deal of my life and since this blog is about what I do, it is only natural that it should reflect upon it, that is if I want to be true to myself. And that is what I want.

North America dare you continue ?
Yes ! There is the worst but it also nurtured the very best and I love America for it. We're in ! Happy New Year !!!

by land by air by sea said...

there is no better feeling that compares ( i believe )
then that which one feels
in the water
sound of waves
and part of the spinning world.

end pages for the book this image...