Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Le Jardin de la Fontaine

Built by Louis XV 
around the ruins
of a roman temple.


Laurent said...

Extremely marvelously extraordinary, particularly the runner, the moat, the stairway and the duck. But I mean, my lord, Ivan, are you really just resolved to "écraser l'infame" of the travel snapshot, for millions of the rest of us? Very gorgeous and thrilling, even so.

Jefferson, I suppose you know, was so taken by the Maison Carrée that he imitated it for the Virginia Capitol. As WC Fields seems to have said, "Better here than in Philadelphia."


I had a very limited amount of battery available, hardly anything at all, to my shame. I snapped as I went all the way up the steps and then to the hill only to find when walking down there would have been better angles but the bloody thing was dead by then. The garden is a million times more beautiful and strange than it appears here. Maybe next year...

Urban Earthen said...

ah yes maybe next year- beautiful