Sunday, May 13, 2012

 The garden today.

Something I've learned from the great
gardeners Alain Richert and Catherine Willis
is to plant amidst what already grows naturally.

Alain Richert (left)


Helen James said...

Oh my word !!! your garden is simply exquisite,
I love the idea of letting wild foliage aka weeds grow alongside planting, I have long adopted this policy as the grasses actually add a wispy natural beauty, initially I saw them as the enemy but then changed my outlook and now see them as a friend , although still keep them in check, thanks for showing us your beautiful garden


Thank you Helen for your kind comment.
Actually I don't have a lot of weeds, it's mostly grass but I do hate nettles though I am told they nourish species of butterflies and make good natural fertilizer. The garden is mostly planted with perennials, they keep growing bigger each year and the annuals reseed themselves. I never add any chemicals whatsoever and don't water it even during the hot season so altogether it takes very little work.There is no secret. Plants grow because it is their nature to do so and if they don't, they were not meant to be there anyway.

by land by air by sea said...

during the blitz ivan, nettles saved the english from all sorts of illnesses. they were a great source of vitamin c and d i believe.
here in northern california they are sold for an extraordinary amount of money to the "foodies" .

i guess you could say one man's weed is another man's feast.


All the land around the garden is full of it and I'm sure they are there for a good purpose. Nature takes care of itself.

Valéry Lorenzo said...

Ton jardin m'est familier ! Alors que je me battais petit, contre les ronces, (nous étions ennemis, comme dans la guerre des bouton), voilà qu'hier j'en ai ramené un pied pour le mettre dans un vase avec ses racines. Il fait étrangement bon ménage avec des Orchidées et son vert tout neuf est juste magnifique ! :-)


ah les y en avait des montagnes. L'attaque n'est que momentanement repoussée.

Helen James said...

Oh Ivan lucky you not to have a lot of weeds, I left my garden for 2 yrs while I was in NY and it is not the better for it, although after some back breaking but wholly enjoyable weeks it seems to ne getting into shape,
by land by air by sea, I would be RICH if I could get this crop of nettles to CA, I have MANY ,