Saturday, October 13, 2012

From Africa and back home on my beloved coast, these negatives were waiting to be developed.
Why on Earth have we switched to digital ? 
So much has been lost. 


Daniel James Shigo said...

Musicians say the same thing about analog vs digital. I agree. Something is lost. Beautiful images.

Wolynski said...

Yes, but a lot has been gained...

We lost all that dust on the negs for a start.

We can check our images instantly.

A photojournalist can immediately send his photos to his editors.

Retouching is a breeze.

Personally, I prefer digital - would've never returned to photography without it.

A great image is still a great image, no matter if caught on a cheap or expensive camera, digital or film.

Love your work.

Laurent said...

the eradication of texture and resonance is of a piece with the demise of the liberal education; we have exchanged thoughts on this ill-bred decline in comprehension and appreciation before in this space and you have made unanswerable arguments in imagery, against it. the argument somehow has to be passed on.


Wolynski, I definitely agree to your last sentence, less to the other other ones. Dust became a problem when we started to scan. Check the image instantly ? You better be super well organized and prey never to loose your back up. Gain of time ? Is that important ?

Laurent speaks of "the eradication of texture and resonance"when I look at these negatives, I hear the music. I thank you for your comment and would never dream of imposing a point of view. This is just for me.

Cat said...

Toutes ces magnifiques images que vous nous donnez à voir "par dessus votre épaule", vous qui êtres "tourné vers le présent et le futur" , parlent de ce qui a été perdu. le débat sur la technique est finalement vain .( je relève ces crânes que souvent vous photographiez et qu'on appelle "vanités" ) . vous savez arracher au temps un peu de ce qu'il nous vole. c'est ce qui donne à vos photos leur supplément d'âme.


Merci Cat.

Evelyne said...

Je pense au film de Rosselini, India le passage sur les meneurs d'éléphants, l'homme et l'animal liés
dans un destin commun.
Merci de partager votre travail.


La simple association, meme subliminale, de Rosselini, a propos d'une image dont je serais l'auteur, est en soi un compliment immense. Merci Evelyne.

Valéry Lorenzo said...

"So much has been lost"...
Je ne te le fais pas dire.
Au passage je suis émerveillé par l'ensemble de tes derniers "posts", les argentiques les Amis etc..., l'atmosphère qui se dégage est magique. Une bouffée d'air venue de cette fenêtre que tu ouvres à chaque fois !

by land by air by sea said...

we all decided to take our 35 mm to walt's memorial at muley point...the heavy, inconvenience, the waiting, etc. I was so touched by the results, so upset at what we have lost. last week my printer asked about the colour of some artwork, and I realized I had made it so garish just by a simple "colour correct." I think the computer is ruining the eye, and technology is ruining patience, and all the rest lies somehwere in-between.
tennessee asked for a "retro" camera in santa barbara, and I said YES!
digital has also made a world of narcissists!
and look at the passionate responses to your post...

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