Thursday, November 08, 2012

I came to Cebu island in the Philippines to photograph a book on the beach life
as an assignment from a Philippino business woman who also ran the local newspaper.
The book was never published but I did all the photos and spent a very happy time there.

Keeping an illustrated scrapbook was a convenient way to remember and edit what I was shooting. 
No digital nor polaroids.


Ferdinand Magellan was killed by the local Chief Lapu Lapu on the beach of Mactan near Cebu City in 1521.


by land by air by sea said...

today it begins to rain and be cold here
and i would like to be at the little desk
in the blue room
with the mysterious portrait
writing a letter
somewhere warm.

Laurent said...

I like the unforced watercolour effect in the photograph of the catamaran at low tide. The foreground's recollection of ryoan-ji shows the children to have been deposited precisely where they are. Nothing is irrelevant.

J'attends... said...
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