Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The hotel is closed to the public
undergoing heavy restoration,
a few artists still live and have a studio.

This is unlawful.
It is against the law to take photos
of the Chelsea Hotel.
Times are changing. 


Daniel James Shigo said...

Great images!

Have lived uptown from the Chelsea Hotel, but have never been upstairs.

I believe (If I am not mistaken) that the exterior as well as elements of the interior are landmarked. Good thing that.

Linnea Linneaus said...

I second Mr. Shigo.

A little unlawfulness is good.


Thank you Daniel,

A few things are landmarked but old days are gone. I think it was pretty unhygienic but a few artist are still in residence.

Thank you Linnea,
I had to take my chances, if you have to ask for permission, it just won't happen.