Wednesday, September 18, 2013

As you know, I don't usually shoot fashion, so this is an exception and a very interesting experience to work with the talented Italian designer Emiliano Salci who is himself a lot more known for his skills in design. We where all out of our usual playground. Thank you Emiliano for asking me, Thank you Thomas, Ida and Martyna for being such good sports.


Accessories shooting styled by Emiliano Salci

September 2013 issue

Thomas Gibbons @Elite
Ida Windeballe Pedersen @Women Direct Milano 
Martyna Fukowska @Women Direct Milano 


Hair stylist : Massimo Gamba
Make up artist: Arianna Catarin

Styling: Josefine Englund


by land by air by sea said...

following the grapes and figs
possibly some of the most interesting photos I've seen
here in a long time...

beautiful Ivan.
Tres bon.

The surf book finally arrived today after months of lost, found, lost found.
another beauty.

pp said...

nice! thanks

victoria thorne said...

Stephen Tennant + Yves Saint Laurent + Siegfried Sassoon + Coco & Boy Capel. Brilliant.