Sunday, September 26, 2010

This kid knows what he's doing. He moved away from the others, placed himself close to his model and chose his angle. He's already a photographer. There's nothing more to it. The Quicksilver world cup opened today with huge and chaotic waves in Hossegor. A yearly rendez vous I wouldn't miss for anything. Sport photography can be pretty boring but I take it as street photography with silhouettes and action.


Elisabethbaysset said...

Sur chacune de vos photographies je sens la passion de la mer de vos personnages , c'est magnifique de ressentir cela.

victoria thorne said...

Cannot (for the past week) stop thinking of the wisdom of your words about this boy.

In four sentences, and with the perfect picture, you have written a brilliant book.

Carter Nicholas said...

Both pictures of "the kid" are superb; he's a wonderfully spiffy and stylish little creature, and his postures just reek of creative absorption & concentration. In both cases, moreover, your angle of view on the predator and his prize shows great discretion of non-disturbance, but also of excellent scale in their intimate distance from each other.