Friday, September 24, 2010

The surfer hut has been put down and stored indoors for the winter. A friend tells me I ought to make my own and erect it. Yes THAT is my dream. "The point is, a Terestchenko project worthy of Terestchenko. And you can't deny that it has to be done. The world (and I'm not being sarcastic) needs and deserves The Surfer Hut. I'm not thinking of Pope's folly at Twickenham, or Johnson's in New Canaan. I'm thinking of the apotheosis of the function. You can't deny that you've studied it, minutely. You've visualised more of this already, than of almost any project you could undertake." Thanks to Beth for sending this. Yes in my dreams that's the way I see myself aging.


victoria thorne said...

dear ivan, dear beth,


...perfection, here. from both of you.

sending joy. always.

Virgil said...

Felix qui potuit rerunt cognoscere causas.

findingfabulous said...

Dear Ivan
I am sure you will achieve this we will wait patiently to see it