Saturday, January 19, 2013

Andrée Putman
Here she is in September 2002 in her flat in Paris
sitting for Vogue Japan holding a silver glove, one of her favorite objects. 
One of her quotes about the cliché of style
“too much Louis and too many flowers” 

She was slightly late for our appointment having just landed from Tokyo.
It took her five minutes to change. Such energy and discipline. 
 A great lady.

Andrée was quiet happy  with the portrait and sent me 
a thank you note in her unmistakable calligraphic writing.

 Suede white shoes 
Andrée designed for Charles Jourdan,
I thought they looked like a pair of wings.
Andrée might be using them now.



Evelyne said...

Elle continue de resplendir la nuit quand le ciel est étoilé.

by land by air by sea said...

shoes for heaven...
i love the letter.
74 - truly...imagine it.
i never felt like americans understood at all her genius or her style.
this is such a lovely tribute ivan.


She had a way of saying "c'est foooorrmidable" with this deep-smoking-Gitane voice I'll never forget...

YHBHS said...

Thanks for sharing this Ivan. X

by land by air by sea said...

it's funny how she looks like she has a long board~


ha ha you're right Beth, I'm so used to the shape, I hadn't even noticed how odd...Andrée would have loved that.